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Window Cleaning – Domestic and Commercial At LCR Window Cleaning, we clean using the latest technology. Our high reach water fed poles can clean windows up to 60ft high with hot purified water, which is perfect for offices, schools, leisure facilities and residential homes as well as your own home. So if you have windows above a conservatory that your current window cleaner cannot reach – then contact us! Our vehicles are fitted with self contained working stations and we have full public liability.

Pure water - How does it work?

Our everyday water from our taps is filtered. This ensures it is safe and meets national water quality standards. Removing certain minerals from the water can change its taste and this will differentiate depending upon your location in the UK.

The water marks you see when washing your car or your own windows at home are the minerals left behind from the water which are too dense to evaporate. When these minerals are removed from the water and then pure (demineralised) water is applied to a surface, the pure water will evaporate completely, leaving no spotting and no water marks.

It is rare to find pure water in nature due to its ability to absorb minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment. The ultra-pure water has a significantly higher absorption rate which easily removes the dust and dirt commonly found on glazing and window frames. This will be applied using a water-fed pole with a soft brush. The pure water then absorbs the dirt and dust contaminates, the surface is rinsed, again using pure water and allowed to dry naturally to a crystal clear finish.

Traditional window cleaners will not clean your framework when cleaning your windows (if you are lucky they may wipe the cill!) but we are window cleaners – not glass cleaners! We ensure the whole of your window is spotless, this includes the framework and cills too.

Why should you choose LCR Window Cleaning over other window cleaners?

We are able to clean the following:

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"Friendly, professional, punctual service. Always keen to ensure that the windows are cleaned to the customers satisfaction. Highly recommended!"

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