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Gutter Cleaning At LCR Window Cleaning we provide gutter cleaning with the latest technology and up to date equipment (Gutter Vacuum). Clearing a gutter where hard to reach for example too high or above a conservatory requires specialist equipment. Due to high demand from our existing and new customers, LCR Window cleaning decided to provide an additional service as so many problems can arise from having blocked gutters and downpipes.

If there is dirt and debris such as leaves, twigs, moss and even grass and weeds can grow in the damp gulleys, causing blockages and may slow up the flow of rain water and eventually will stop it draining away completely as the water has nowhere to go instead of running away down the downpipes to the soakaways, it will take the easiest route to escape. In some cases the guttering may be damaged due to the weight of material deposited inside the channel.

If the water cannot get away it shall overflow and may eventually result in having damp problems to the interior of your home. This can be serious as insurance companies often refuse to pay out on this type of problem as a lack of simple maintenance. Exterior walls dry out but extensive repairs may be required if the damp gets through to your plaster, paint and flooring.

Our aim is to keep your property working correctly. Strict health and safety measures should be in place on all sites with regards to working at heights. You as a customer could be held responsible if a tradesman you employ has an accident whilst working on your property. At LCR Window Cleaning we very rarely use ladders to minimise the risk to us and your property. Our high reach cleaning equipment is the safest way to carry out this job. While we clear your gutters with our high reach equipment why not have a complete package at a discounted rate and get all your UPVC fascias and soffits cleaned at the same time. We can provide a maintenance schedule for your requirements to avoid unnecessary expense. Our gutter cleaning expertise can be carried out at your home, as well as commercial offices including doctors, hotels and schools.

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