Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning At LCR Window Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean conservatory. Everyday damage and discolouration is caused to conservatories by air pollution and acid rain which can damage polycarbonate roof sheets as well as roof seals. A regular conservatory clean can help to reduce the build up of algae to gutters and roofs and get rid of those unsightly green stains, optimising light and making your conservatory more enjoyable to use all year round!

How It Works

We use biodegradable detergents used with our low pressure hot purified water to ensure a thorough clean that banishes dirt and grime, which if not treated can cause corrosion and general fading to your white UPVC, for example crest, finials, ridge, glazing bar cappings, closures, guttering and framework. This process removes traces of discolouration, moss, algae and lichens to achieve maximum effect your conservatory can be left looking brand new. We can assure that you will 100% satisfied with our services. It is our main priority to work safely and effectively at the same time this is why we use only professional equipment specially designed for conservatories.